The faces from a galaxy far, far away…

Disney announced the cast for the new Star Wars movie that will be set 30 years after Return of the Jedi! Regardless of how horribly things went with the prequels, I still have high hopes for this.

I’m at work so I can’t really say much on this post. I’m just excited!!!! What about you guys?



The Great Debate…and the side I chose for now

Which is better? Xbox or Playstation? Playstation or Wii? Wii or PC? Ever since competition began in the video game world, there have been fanboys up in arms, defending their chosen machine to the death. By death, I of course mean the moment all the trolls creep out of their caves, stifling any real debates. Out goes games and specs, in comes derogatory comments about your lack of intelligence and/or your sexual preference. Such a joy!



Up until around two years ago, I was primarily a console gamer. There were three reasons why I chose that path: 1) In my opinion, nothing could beat a controller when it came down to blasting noobs in the face in Call of Duty; 2) All of my friends played Xbox so I knew that whenever I logged on, I could trash talk one of my dear friends until he rage quit; and 3) Computers are too damn expensive. Yeah, I definitely did play all the great games on PC such as Diablo, Starcraft, Age of Empires, WoW, and Myst…but my time on those games could not compare to my time on any one of my consoles. Well, except for WoW. I don’t think all of my Final Fantasy time combined could touch /played time in that wonderfully evil game.

Anyways, I decided to make the ultimate switch to primarily gaming on PC when I started reading some articles about building your own rig. You see, I love Legos, and I love Lincoln Logs. I also love gaming and electronics. Put the two together and what do you got? The obvious passion to want to build a powerful gaming computer. So after spending countless hours scouring every resource I could find, I went out and bought the components I needed. That’s right. In all of my noobness, I went to a small computer store instead of smartly ordering everything online. Don’t you worry though, I have since then remedied that. Newegg is my best friend. Moving on! After successfully putting together my awesome rig and feeling so frikin awesome about it, I knew that I could never go back. There’s a certain pride you get when you build your own gaming machine, turn it on, and see the glory that is Ultra graphics. Plus, whenever I want to feel the nice curves of a Xbox controller, it’s as easy as just picking it up and going for it. I definitely wouldn’t suggest using it on an FPS though. You WILL get destroyed.

Steam is another reason why I don’t think I could ever fully go back to consoles. The selection and the deals are what do it for me. I have a great collection of games now that costed me half the price or lower than if I went to the dreaded Game Stop. Seriously though, I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with that hell ever again.

Now before you go and call me a PC elitist, I just want to say that I’m in no way that bad. Yes, I prefer computers now, but I don’t care if you like to game on an Xbox, Playstation, or a Wii! We’re all dorks and we all will defend our gaming ways till the end! Besides, nothing will ever beat WCW vs NWO on Nintendo 64. FOUR PLAYER ROYAL RUMBLES, BABAY!!!

Alt mania! (but not really)

So, I’ve been on and off of World of Warcraft since the good ol’ Vanilla days. Scratch that, I’m not going to say that original WoW was anything spectacular. In fact, in terms of progression, it was the suckiest and longest grind fest compared to any other game. Quests were sparse in some areas, and you didn’t even get a mount until level 40! Even then, you were only going 60% faster! But that still didn’t stop me from hitting a respectable level of 52 before Burning Crusade came out. When the Dark Portal opened, I quickly rode to the Blasted Lands and watched all of the lucky ones head off into the great unknown!

Okay, so the grinding, grouping, and classes might have sucked (especially for holy pallys such as myself), but boy was it an adventure!

ANYWAYS, back to the topic at hand. In all these years I never successfully made an alt to help me with my spending habits in game. I would try, fail because of boredom, then head back over to my main toon. Now that Blizzard released insta-boosts, I decided to take the easy way out and boost me a Warrior! Well, I used my free boost on a Priest, thinking I would enjoy that. I was wrong. So anyways, onto my warrior: Holy shit it was weird having to learn all new spells when everything was just so easy for me on my pally. I haven’t really done anything with him progression-wise yet, but I did power level alchemy so I can make my Living Steel. Soon, I will finally have my Sky Golem! That was basically the only reason I decided to use that boost. Because I want a badass mechanical monster mount. Now I’m wishing that I did this all along. I have zero clue what the gold cap is, but I wold at least like to put a dent into it. I’m usually broke as shit, and that needs to change!

So frikin cool

So frikin cool

By the way, my Warrior is Thornos on Stormrage and he’s a potion swinging Draenor! Why a space goat? Because I wanted to prep myself for seeing a bunch of those weird guys in the upcoming expansion.

Thanos Rising

Last week, the final issue of Thanos Rising was released which tells us how (you guessed it) Thanos came to be the big cosmic bully he is today. It began with his birth and ended with the destruction of his homeworld, Titan.  It debuted in April this year, and every month a new issue was released in this five issue story arc. Trust me when I tell you that these past five months were the longest ones so far. I thought it was pure malarkey that I ACTUALLY had to wait more than a week to continue this epic story.

Honestly, it was kind of tough seeing Thanos go through this mental torture throughout each book. I know, I know…why feel bad for a guy who has killed countless people across countless galaxies? Well, I guess it’s because he was really struggling to get himself in check. He knew what he was becoming and (at first) didn’t like it.

Anyways, I highly recommend picking up these issues if you want to see the big purple people eater go from sweet, intellectual kid to genocidal maniac.