Alt mania! (but not really)

So, I’ve been on and off of World of Warcraft since the good ol’ Vanilla days. Scratch that, I’m not going to say that original WoW was anything spectacular. In fact, in terms of progression, it was the suckiest and longest grind fest compared to any other game. Quests were sparse in some areas, and you didn’t even get a mount until level 40! Even then, you were only going 60% faster! But that still didn’t stop me from hitting a respectable level of 52 before Burning Crusade came out. When the Dark Portal opened, I quickly rode to the Blasted Lands and watched all of the lucky ones head off into the great unknown!

Okay, so the grinding, grouping, and classes might have sucked (especially for holy pallys such as myself), but boy was it an adventure!

ANYWAYS, back to the topic at hand. In all these years I never successfully made an alt to help me with my spending habits in game. I would try, fail because of boredom, then head back over to my main toon. Now that Blizzard released insta-boosts, I decided to take the easy way out and boost me a Warrior! Well, I used my free boost on a Priest, thinking I would enjoy that. I was wrong. So anyways, onto my warrior: Holy shit it was weird having to learn all new spells when everything was just so easy for me on my pally. I haven’t really done anything with him progression-wise yet, but I did power level alchemy so I can make my Living Steel. Soon, I will finally have my Sky Golem! That was basically the only reason I decided to use that boost. Because I want a badass mechanical monster mount. Now I’m wishing that I did this all along. I have zero clue what the gold cap is, but I wold at least like to put a dent into it. I’m usually broke as shit, and that needs to change!

So frikin cool

So frikin cool

By the way, my Warrior is Thornos on Stormrage and he’s a potion swinging Draenor! Why a space goat? Because I wanted to prep myself for seeing a bunch of those weird guys in the upcoming expansion.