Thanos Rising

Last week, the final issue of Thanos Rising was released which tells us how (you guessed it) Thanos came to be the big cosmic bully he is today. It began with his birth and ended with the destruction of his homeworld, Titan.  It debuted in April this year, and every month a new issue was released in this five issue story arc. Trust me when I tell you that these past five months were the longest ones so far. I thought it was pure malarkey that I ACTUALLY had to wait more than a week to continue this epic story.

Honestly, it was kind of tough seeing Thanos go through this mental torture throughout each book. I know, I know…why feel bad for a guy who has killed countless people across countless galaxies? Well, I guess it’s because he was really struggling to get himself in check. He knew what he was becoming and (at first) didn’t like it.

Anyways, I highly recommend picking up these issues if you want to see the big purple people eater go from sweet, intellectual kid to genocidal maniac.